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Lynden A. Weddas

Father, Husband, Leader 

From impoverished to corporate America success to entrepreneur.



Traveling five continents, thousands from around the world have seen Lynden A. Weddas live and in person. His charismatic approach, teaching, and coaching have touched and impacted many through credit education, financial literacy, leadership development, and wealth building. He’s the Inspirational Thought Leader seen on Yahoo Finance, NBC, FOX, ABC, Thrive Global, New York Finance, Future Sharks, and more.

Lynden is a dynamic speaker, motivator, strategist and coach. He’s inspired thousands to do a lot with a little to accomplish a lot. Over the course of his 12+ years of experience in higher education advising and enrollment management, he has had a hand in shaping a number of exceptional leaders and forging long-standing relationships with many prominent universities in the United States and the Caribbean.

His adaptive nature has lent itself to his success as part of an ever-evolving team and growing industry where his ability to cultivate relationships has profoundly helped families and young adults make one of the most important and biggest financial decisions in any individual’s life. His expertise has provided a clear path, in helping thousands choose the right careers and best academic institution to launch their successful career.


Lynden’s humble approach has taken him to nearly all 50 states, the Bahamas, Ghana, Jamaica, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and United Arab Emirates.

Lynden lives a health-conscious lifestyle—fitness and healthy food choices are incorporated in to his daily routine. Lynden has come a far way from his days as a boy growing up in Jamaica, but he has not forgotten where he comes from and how far he has journeyed. When not traveling the world, Lynden enjoys giving his time to the church and spending quality time with his lovely family—his daughter Lyndenise, and wife Lynnet.


As a family, they have been able to impress upon many young lives in the US, Africa, India and the Caribbean. They are active members of their church—donating to missions and providing supplies through their family’s nonprofit for underprivileged youth.

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